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Learning from our success and our failure Essay

Gaining from our prosperity and our disappointment - Essay Example He believes that he won since no one else merited it, which is regular...

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Learning from our success and our failure Essay

Gaining from our prosperity and our disappointment - Essay Example He believes that he won since no one else merited it, which is regularly not the case in light of the fact that the most dedicated don't really make it to the top. This disposition characterizes such a person as a childish, pleased, and ethically debased individual. Despite what might be expected, let’s assume a person who turns out to be increasingly appreciative to God after getting effective in accomplishing his objective. His prosperity makes him increasingly practical and unobtrusive. Rather than considering himself a predominant being, he manages others so they can likewise accomplish their objectives. Accomplishment of such an individual characterizes him as a grateful, mindful, and unassuming individual. Presently let’s think about the instances of disappointments. Let’s assume a person who neglects to accomplish his objective. He turns out to be dishearted to such an extent that he surrenders and never attempts again. Such disposition would characterize this person as a fretful individual who is additionally not exceptionally persevering. Unexpectedly, let’s consider a person who neglects to accomplish his objective however doesn't surrender until he at last accomplishes it. This individual would be characterized as a decided, centered, and dedicated individual. People’s inclination to gain from their triumphs and disappointments differs starting with one individual then onto the next. A few people gain from their triumphs and disappointments while others never become familiar with any exercise. Be that as it may, the propensity of a person to gain from his/her disappointments is more contrasted with his/her inclination to gain from his/her victories. This is a result of the way that when an individual falls flat, he/she attempts to recognize the elements that caused him/her to fizzle on the off chance that he/she is shrewd. Distinguishing proof of these elements causes this person to gain proficiency with an exercise. Then again, victories are simply celebrated and numerous individuals become so overpowered with the delight of achievement that they couldn't care less to take in an exercise from it. Be that as it may, there are in every case some astute individuals who think about their encounters to distinguish the methodologies and

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Opportunities Rhreats and Dilemmas

Question: Examine about the Opportunities for Rhreats and Dilemmas. Answer: Presentation: The current circumstance includes the instance of Yelaswarapu v Minister for Immigration Anor (2012) FMCA 849 (21 December 2012) in view of the Australian Migration Act 1958. Realities of the case includes use of transitory understudy visa online by Mr Yelaswarapu on May 14 2011 giving private location as his postal location because of the online application question. The application was dismissed by the agent of Minister on December 6 2011 and the visa was not allowed to the candidate based on absence of proof for keeping up enrolment in full-time concentrate course. The representative of Minister battled that the candidate was not allowed visa dependent on the rebelliousness of condition 8516 and guideline of 573.235 under Migration Regulations 1994. Choice of the agent was sent to the candidate at his postal location on 7 December 2011 which was returned back to the office for deficient location on December 14 2011. Further, re-notice of the letter to MrYelaswarapu additionally bombed that was made on December 22 2011 dependent on the unclaimed factor. As needs be, the office messaged the candidate on February 10 2012 expressing the data on finish of the visa application while it can't be reached at the predetermined location and the equivalent was gotten by the candidate at his new location gave by means of email. In addition, MrYelaswarapu applied as survey with the end goal of visa application dismissal by the Minister delegate while the equivalent was not acknowledged by the Tribunal. The Tribunal battled that the application ought to have been made inside 21 days from the date of utilization choice receipt. On June 27 2012 the candidate made show cause application against the representative of Minister with the end goal of Immigration Citizenship and Migration Review Tribunal in the Federal Court. The candidate fought that the Tribunal Committees guarantee did not have the intensity of ward with the end goal of choice audit. In addition, the courts choice as for the accuracy of case expressed by Tribunal relied upon the proper data made to the candidate. As indicated by the standards of Migration Act and Migration Regulations, data letter is required to be sent at the asserted addresswithin the time of three working days from the date of choice. Way of sending the refusal notice to give visa application is likewise referenced in the Act and is required to be trailed by the division which includes dispatch of letter by enlisted post. The Tribunal court battled that the warning dispatched by the agent of Minister was adequate as far as way and method of dispatch as required by the guidelines of Act. It had been seen that the letter was sent inside three days from the date of use choice through enlisted post at the implied address referenced by the candidate. Furthermore, the specialist of the movement of the candidate asserted that the notification ought to have been sent through different mediums like email when the primary letter was not conveyed to the candidate. Despite what might be expected, guidelines of the Australian Migration Act give that the representative of the Ministry isn't obligated to send notice of reaction through numerous mediums. In the current case, Mr Yelaswarapu neglected to make reference to the fitting contact subtleties to the Ministry Department subsequently, conflict of both the respondents for the situation can be said to have fulfilled the guidelines of the Act. Like the instance of Minister for Immigration Citizenship v Abdul Manaf, issue had been raised for sending notice of offer by the Minister of the division inside the necessary time. According to the standards of area 494B of the Australian Migration Act, Minister of the division should dispatch the notification inside three working days through the prepaid post to the most recent location gave by the candidate. In the chose case, court held that the office postponed in sending the notification to candidate while the Minister chose to set aside augmentation of effort for such defer that was documented alongside the supporting affirmation. Also, if there should arise an occurrence of Xie v Minister for Immigration (2005), the court held that the guidelines of the Migration demonstration doesn't give in making rebuttable supposition to the motivation behind receipt of report. In such case, the notification might be dispatched inside seven working days at the private location of the cand idate. As needs be, it very well may be seen that the candidate, Mr Yelaswarapu neglected to make reference to the right and suitable location to the office though the duplicate of protection strategy contained explicit location which was stored following a month. The Tribunal court additionally fought that the accommodation of approach containing point by point address couldn't be considered as the notification as for the data on address change. Thusly, it tends to be deciphered that to make visa application for movement, it is fundamental for the candidate to make reference to the significant subtleties suitably. Since the procedure of utilization happens on the web, it is critical to make reference to the right location against the reaction of the office. Nonetheless, in the chose instance of Yelaswarapu, court battled that the first application was not legitimate since the location was improper but rather the equivalent can be supposed to be substantial since the candidate furnished the duplicate of protection arrangement with the right location. Henceforth, the real date of receipt of notice by the candidate was 14 February, the date when the third notification was sent at the messaged address. As needs be, the application for survey made by Mr Yelaswarapu can be said to include done inside the predefined timespan while the Tribunal court misinterpreted to think about the jurisdictional force. What's more, significant re cords to be submitted with the end goal of visa application ought to be according to the particulars of Migration Act. Subsequently, if the candidate isn't happy with the decision of Tribunal court, he is qualified to guarantee help under established writs of mandamus and certiorari. Further, down to earth ramifications of the courts choice in future application expresses that the online application framework would be made progressively fitting regarding giving point of interest address of the candidate for better correspondence. The candidates would need to create pertinent records as help proof with the end goal of right location. Also, future application would include single and perceived intends to convey the notification by the agent of Ministry inside the predefined time. Standards of legal translations In the current case, there are a few standards under legal translations used by the Federal Court to take the concerned choice. The given circumstance was related to the qualification of audit application on the jurisdictional intensity of the Migration Review Tribunal Court concerning the choice of the Ministers choice under Immigration and Citizenship. The Federal Court considered the guidelines dependent on the exacting standard, segment 45 just as 46 under the Migration Act 1958 for visa application to dissect the legitimacy of the underlying application made by the candidate. The court assessed the standards of segment 2.07(4) which gives that the legitimacy of online visa application happens just if the claimed address either postal or private is unmistakably reacted. Also, the court thought about the legal guidelines of area 66(1) under the Migration Act, which gives that the Tribunal Court and agent of the Ministry is required to impart the visa choice to the candidate in the particular manne. The guideline gives the methods for sending the reaction notice to the candidate alongside the way in which it has be sent. In light of the brilliant guidelines rule as alluded on account of Gray v Pearson (1857) the government court used the standards of segment 338(2) and 347(1) under the guideline of 4.10 of Migration Act to express the timespan edge. Thinking about the brilliant guideline, the court deciphered the legal guidelines for conveying the necessary notification disregarding the likely foolish results because of translation of words. The guideline under this segment indicates the length of the time inside which the survey application should be submitted to the Tribunal Court decided from the date of receipt of the request. It expresses that the application for audit is to be applied inside 21 days from the date of receipt of choice notification alongside the proper archives as help proof to the request. The government court additionally considered the guidelines of area 494B as for the important reports to be accommodated the motivation behind visa application. The court considered the evil s tandard to decipher the arrangements dependent on the precedent-based law and plausible cures. Government court considered the individual provisos for conveyance of notice through recommended implies that is enrolled post. It gives that the candidate is required to give total subtleties of enlisted private location that is most recent alongside the help report either by enrolled prepaid post or through electronic mail. As needs be, the choice for the given case was made by government court by utilizing the previously mentioned legal standards. Reference Austlii.edu.au., (2017). Australasian Legal Information Institute (Austlii)https://www.austlii.edu.au/ Australia.Gov.Au (2017) Australia.gov.au https://www.australia.gov.au/ Ekanayake, D. what's more, Jackling, B. The development in universal enrolments in Accounting: Implications for a set up nexus among instruction and movement (2014).Accounting Education,23(3), pp.203-224. Golebiowska, K., Carter, T., Boyle, A. what's more, Taylor, A. Universal relocation and the changing idea of settlements at the edge (2016).Settlements at the

Friday, August 14, 2020

The Relationship Between PTSD and Depression

The Relationship Between PTSD and Depression PTSD Related Conditions Print The Relationship Between PTSD and Depression By Matthew Tull, PhD twitter Matthew Tull, PhD is a professor of psychology at the University of Toledo, specializing in post-traumatic stress disorder. Learn about our editorial policy Matthew Tull, PhD Updated on February 20, 2020 Cultura RM / Frank and Helena/ Collection Mix: Subjects / Getty Images More in PTSD Related Conditions Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Coping PTSD and the Military A diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression commonly co-occur. PTSD is characterized by symptoms of anxiety, flashbacks, and reliving traumatic experiences. The condition develops after a person experiences some sort of  traumatic event such as a natural disaster, car accident, attack, abuse, or combat. On the other hand, depression is characterized by low mood, loss of interest and pleasure, and changes in energy levels. Depression can also be a common response after a traumatic or stressful event, so it is perhaps not surprising that these two conditions can occur at the same time. Research suggests that approximately 6.8% of all people will develop PTSD at some point in their lives.?? An estimated 7.1% of U.S. adults experience major depressive disorder in any given year. Research has found that half of all people with PTSD also have a co-occurring major depressive disorder. If youve received a dual diagnosis, heres why the conditions may be related. Symptoms Everyone feels sad from time to time, but depression is different from just feeling unhappy or sad. Depression is more intense, lasts longer, and has a large negative impact on your life. These symptoms of depression and PTSD are described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  (DSM-5). Depression Depressed mood   Loss of interest or pleasure   Weight loss or weight gain Sleep difficulties   Fatigue or restlessness Feeling worthless and/or guilty Difficulties concentrating Thoughts of dying or suicide PTSD Unwanted memories Flashbacks Avoidance of trauma reminders Feelings of isolation Negative thoughts and emotions Irritability Hypervigilance Exaggerated startle response Diagnosis According to the DSM-5, to be diagnosed with a major depressive episode, you must experience five of these symptoms within the same two-week period (or longer) and they must be a change from how you normally function. In order to be diagnosed with PTSD, DSM-5 diagnostic criteria specify that a person must have experienced a traumatic event, must experience symptoms that include intrusive thoughts, avoidance, negative changes in cognition and mood, and changes in arousal and reactivity. These symptoms must be present for at least one month and must create significant distress or impairments in regular functioning. How Often PTSD and Depression Coincide Depression is one of the most commonly co-occurring diagnoses in people with post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, researchers have found that among people who have (or have had) a diagnosis of PTSD, approximately 48% to 55% also experienced current or previous depression.?? People who have had PTSD at some point in their lives are three to five times as likely as people without PTSD to also have depression. PTSD: Coping, Support, and Living Well How They Are Connected PTSD and depression may be connected in a number of ways. Increased Trauma First, people with depression are  more likely to have traumatic experiences than people without depression, which, in turn, may increase the likelihood that PTSD develops. A history of trauma and abuse is also a risk factor for depression, and those same traumatic experiences may also play a role in the onset of PTSD. PTSD May Contribute to Depression A second possibility is that the symptoms of PTSD can be so distressing and debilitating that they actually cause depression to develop.   Some people with PTSD may feel detached or disconnected from friends and family. They may also find little pleasure in activities they once enjoyed. Finally, they may even have difficulty experiencing positive emotions like joy and happiness. Its easy to see how experiencing these symptoms of PTSD may make someone feel very sad, lonely, and depressed. Genetics May Play a Role Another possibility is that there is some kind of genetic factor involved in  the development of both PTSD and depression. Family history is known to be a major risk factor for the development of depression. Research has also suggested that there may be a genetic predisposition for PTSD. So it makes sense that genetics may also play a role in the co-occurrence of the two conditions. Getting Treatment If you have PTSD, its important to seek treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you address your PTSD symptoms, the less likely it will be that they worsen and  increase your risk for developing depression. If you currently have PTSD and depression, its also important to get treatment as soon as possible. Each disorder may make the other worse. Since PTSD and depression are commonly co-occurring mental disorders, mental health professionals trained in the treatment of PTSD are also usually well-trained in the treatment of depression. In addition, some treatments, such as behavioral activation, may be equally helpful in the treatment of PTSD and depression. The presence of both conditions that can complicate the treatment process.?? However, there are treatment options that can be a good choice for treating both conditions at the same time. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), in particular, is an empirically-supported treatment for both depression and PTSD. This approach involves identifying the negative cognitions that contribute to symptoms and then learning to replace these thoughts with more helpful responses. Your doctor or psychiatrist will recommend treatment options that are best suited to your unique situation. This might involve the use of psychotherapy, such as CBT, as well as anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications. Self-help options such as lifestyle changes or online therapy can also be used to complement professional treatments. The 9 Best Online Therapy Programs of 2020

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Black Like Me - 972 Words

Black Like Me Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin is a Multicultural story set in the south around the late 1950s in first person point of view about John Griffin in 1959 in the deep south of the east coast, who is a novelist that decides to get his skin temporarily darkened medically to black. What Griffin hopes to achieve is enough information about the relationships between blacks and whites to write a book about it.The overall main obstacle is society, and the racial divide in the south with the whites. John begins his journey in New Orleans where he gets his first taste of what it is like to be black. He meets a shoeshiner named Sterling Williams who gives Griffin friendship, and the opportunity to be incorporated in the African†¦show more content†¦When Griffin was kicked off the car, he was left a far distance from everything. He reached a small convince store on the road, in which the owners would not let him in until he begged them. As he walked on, a young black male offered him a ride and a place to sleep in his house with his wife and six children. Later that evening, Griffin had a reoccurring nightmare about white men and women, with their faces of heartlessness staring at him. As Griffin was about to leave, he tried to give money to the family for his gratitude, but they would no accept it, so he just left the money there. Griffin then hitchhiked to a small bus station and bought a ticket to Montgomery. When he got to Montgomery, he called his wife and children and then changed back to white. Griffin also witnessed a skirmish on the bus when 2 blacks would not move into 1 seat, so a white women could sit down. A large white man was about to hurt someone, but the white women told him to stop. Griffin had enough of this and changed back to white in the station restroom. Afterwards, he called the Sepia ( A News Paper ) editors and made an appointment for a story in New Orleans with a photographer. After the story was done, he flew to Mansfield as a white man to be in an editorial conference. Then Griffin flew to Hollywood for a TV show, New York for an interview in Time magazine and many other places for stories. Griffins mother started to get hate calls from some ofShow MoreRelatedLiterary Analysis Of Black Like Me 1389 Words   |  6 PagesUniversity Of South Florida A Literary Analysis of â€Å"Black Like Me† Raed Margushi Academic Preparation Lisana Mohamed 4th of December, 2015 A Literary Analysis of â€Å"Black Like Me† John Howard Griffin was a writer who wanted to write about the truth. In dealing with the racial discrimination problems in the United States, Griffin wanted to write about the realities of the situation. However, he was a white man. He empathized with the black people and wanted equality for them as well howeverRead MoreBlack Like Me804 Words   |  4 PagesBlack Like me The book Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin is a moving true story of how a white man manages to experience what it is like to be a â€Å"Negro† or black person in the 1950s. The author did this social experiment by taking medication and dying his skin a deep brown. He wanted to really experience the challenges and changes a black man in this time would go through. By traveling through the far south, Griffin got a taste of what real life was for a Negro. The experiment starts in theRead MoreBlack Like Me1031 Words   |  4 Pagesfor thousands of years, due to the built up ignorance and intolerance of prior generations passing along bad morals onto their offspring. In fact, it was not until the 1954 Supreme Court decision, Brown v. Board of Education (EEOC) that whites and Blacks even began to attempt to integrate publicly. And even then, whites held an unreasonable amount of hostility against the African-American race. But even despite multiple failed attempts in the past, the government was finally beginning to gain groundRead MoreAnalysis Of Black Like Me1014 Words   |  5 PagesStetson Bates Black Like Me In the fall of 1959 John Howard Griffin, a white man, was engrossed with the state of the race/segregation issue in the southern United States. To accomplish this task JHG took special pills and exposed himself to ultraviolet rays to darken the pigmentation of his skin, on top of the pills he also rubbed in a special dye that caused his skin to become even darker. After â€Å"transforming† into a bald-headed, black man JHG set across the southern United States. On his adventureRead MoreEssay on Sociology: Black Like Me1713 Words   |  7 Pagesbased on their abilities. (Class notes, SOCI 201, Winter 2010) An example to illustrate this argument from Black Like Me is found on page 39. The elderly owner of the Y cafà © complained to Griffin about how unfair the economic system was to black people. Many brilliant black students graduated with great marks, but still ended up doing the most menial work or very few selected jobs. Many black people, therefore, chose not to educate themselves. As a result, the whites said they were not worthy of first-classRead MoreBlack Like Me : Book Report979 Words   |  4 PagesGrace Haskin Communication Research: Book Report November 21, 2014 Black Like Me Black Like Me is a research diary kept by John Griffin in 1959. Griffin, a white male, is bothered by racism and wants to experience what it is like to be black. He begins taking medication and rubs shoe polish on himself to darken the color of his skin to temporarily pass as a black man. Sepia, a black oriented magazine, sponsors Griffin’s study in exchange for written articles about the experience. With his newRead MoreBlack Like Me Sociological Terms1088 Words   |  5 Pages9, 2012 Black Like Me Black Like Me is a non-fiction book written by John Howard Griffin about what a black, middle-aged man has to go through every day in the Deep South. To find out what it is like to be a Negro, Griffin changes his skin color to that of a black. During his experiences, Griffin keeps a journal and that is what this book is. Black Like Me is a journal of Griffins feelings, experiences, pains, and friends. The setting of Black Like Me is intenselyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Black Like Me 1582 Words   |  7 PagesThe book â€Å"Black Like Me† presented a lot of interesting topics about racial diversity in the United States during the 1960’s. Howard Griffin embarked on a journey that no other man in this time would dare do. H decided to leave his privileged life as a white man behind and travel to the South and live as a black man, to really understand the pressures that they dealt with and to see things from a different perspective. The only real way to do so was to become a black man. He began taking medicationRead MoreMain Themes In Black Like Me800 Words   |  4 Pagesis less than just is less than man.† (162) Black Like Me is a nonfiction autobiographical memoir written by John Howard Griffin. This story was first published in 1961. Uniquely, this novel chronicles the experiences of the author, John Howard Griffin, as he travels through the deep south of the United States of America during the 1950s after undergoing a medical procedure to change his skin color in order to pose as an African American man. Black Like Me has also won the Anisfield-Wolf Book AwardRead More The Beauty of Color Essay2043 Words   |  9 Pagescaressed me immediately; in synch with the stopping of the engine was the start of us. I say us because I feel like that’s what it is to become intimate with someone, you merge, mesh, mix into some form of a united being. I enjoyed him. Intimacy was an act of passion. It didn’t take love to feel passion, and it didn’t take an appropriate union to become a part of another person. We were one as he kissed me, touched me. I felt him and he felt me. One. â€Å"You like that,† he said, panting like some needy

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Medical School And Becoming A Doctor - 1282 Words

First, I plan to attend Auburn for four years under a pre-med major. I plan on taking difficult classes that will further my knowledge in medicine. Then, I plan on going to medical school and becoming a doctor. To do this, I will have to work hard and concentrate on my school work. I was unsure which field I want specialize in (Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Pharmacist), but hopefully throughout the course of my education, I will narrow it down. I am currently enrolled in a medical program. The program is offered to high school seniors who have a strong interest in medicine. The application involved an essay, teacher recommendations, transcripts and SAT scores. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I go to a school of health sciences and learn Anatomy and Physiology, on Tuesday and Thursday I attend Penn State Berks, and go to a chemistry lab and chemistry lecture. Then on Friday, I shadow different units of the hospital. My favorite rotation is the surgical unit, I think this could potentiall y be the area I specialize. This program is an amazing insight into the lives of hospital and confirmed my thoughts about working in one. Four years ago, I told my parents that I was interested in a career involving medicine. I really wanted to help people, and at the time, I did not think I would be comfortable working in the hospital, the thought of sick, dying people all in one place terrified me. My grandmother being admitted to the hospital shortly before her death did notShow MoreRelatedBecoming A Medical Doctor At The University Of Maryland School Of Medicine964 Words   |  4 Pageselementary school to attending the University of Maryland College Park. That said, just like the true identity of a gold is determined by putting it in a glowing fire, I believe, the true passion of one’s self can only be revealed after overcoming many obstacles. Therefore, I believe the challenges that I had to go through have made me who I now am and aspired me to study medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Since I was a boy, I was fascinated about becoming a medical doctor. ButRead MoreA Career as a Pediatrician Essay1632 Words   |  7 Pagesserious. Some of us wanted to be teachers, business owners, or a veterinarian. However, I have always wanted to be a doctor, but not just any doctor. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a pediatrician. Now, half way through my junior year in high school, I have started to question the details of this career, and all the hard work it takes to become a part of the medical field. What I Know I know pediatricians are people who carry their career with them wherever they go. PediatriciansRead MoreBecoming a Doctor Speech Essay854 Words   |  4 Pagesexact time when I decided to become a doctor. I was only eight years old and I was visiting my grandpa who had just had a life risking surgery and came out the other end okay. At this age I really don’t understand what all was going on. All I knew is the doctor had saved my grandpa, and I had more years to spend with him. When I walked into the room the doctor was standing over my grandpa and they were both laughing. That very moment I knew I wanted to become a doctor. I wanted to be the person that wouldRead MoreMedical Career Research Paper1369 Words   |  6 PagesThe medical field is a career path that brings about many options and opportunities of great value. The noble idea of being a doctor tends to cloud the diligent studying and precise training that is actually required for this career. I have wanted to bec ome a doctor since a very young age, and now that the opportunity is here for the taking, I have fully researched what it takes to succeed in this profession and various specialties of the practice. The road to a medical degree is one filled withRead MoreEagle Scout Ambition Essay701 Words   |  3 Pagesforemost ambition after becoming an Eagle Scout is to become a Doctor after graduating from Medical School. For me setting goals, are the steps to achieving my ambition. Without goals I would not progress on, which would prevent me from reaching my Ambition. Being an Eagle Scout has been a goal for me since I joined Cub Scouts in DATE. The Eagle Scout rank is a goal that, once completed will help me get into Medical School. Being an Eagle Scout will help me get into the medical school by showing my hardRead MoreBecoming A Doctor Is Not An Easy Process For Majority Of The Population1351 Words   |  6 PagesI find interesting and may pursue is a Pediatrics doctor. Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in children, ranging from new born babies to eighteen years old. Individuals interested in this field will need a sense of mentality and dedication to work hard. Becoming a doctor is not an easy process; it takes time, motivation, and interest for this type of career. Once an individual is half way through the schooling process of becoming a doctor, there’s honestly no point of return. There are manyRead MoreThe Career Of A Pediatrician1741 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction There are several health-related occupations, but the most interesting is the career of a Pediatrician. Pediatricians are the primary health care providers for infants and children . Other titles associated with this job includes, â€Å"Baby Doctor†, â€Å"Physician†, or â€Å"Pediatric†. Their main job is to treat children with illnesses, monitor their growth and health, and help prevent illnesses and diseases (General pediatrician).Additionally, pediatricians also have other job duties as well. ThisRead MoreAn Aspirant’s Tentative Look into the Field of Neurology1436 Words   |  6 Pages we dream of what we would like to be when we are adults. Some of us dream of becoming famous, others dream of careers that represent honor and prestige. Interestingly enough, at such a young most of us never consider the journey a career will require us to endure. Take becoming a neurologist for example; one could argue numerous ways of attaining such a position. It is a fact, however, that in the pursuit of a medical degree, the combination of major and minor during one’s undergraduate years isRead MoreMedicine And Becoming A Doctor785 Words   |  4 Pagesand now arthritic nodes on her fingers. These are some of the symptoms that I see, and am reminded of daily, when I am around my hardworking mother, who has motivated me to pursue a medical degree. My desire to learn about medicine and become a doctor did not start at a young age or even in high school. As a high school graduate going into college, my desire was to earn a science degree with the purpose of attaining an MPH. Overall, what intrigued me the most in this profession was its involvementRead MoreWhy I Become A Doctor802 Words   |  4 PagesHow to Become a Doctor in Canada When you want to use your hands to heal, a career as a doctor in Canada might offer the perfect future path. You ll help the people in your community overcome injuries and illnesses under your careful guidance. Doctors spend their days listening to their patients, offering healthy suggestions, and prescribing treatments and therapies. If you decide to become a surgeon, you ll operate on patients to resolve serious medical conditions. Alternatively, as a primary

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Online Free Essays

Area of Investigation: New Sinai MDI Hospital is located at National Highway, Brgy. Tagapo Sta Rosa Laguna and is situated near Robinson’s Place and few meters away from SM Sta Rosa, which are considered two of the most distinguished shopping malls of the country today. The clinic is likewise close to grand pavilion mall in Binan, Laguna. We will write a custom essay sample on Online or any similar topic only for you Order Now The hospitalstarted its operation last July 7, 2007 a private hospital complex with five storey building and 66 bed actual capacities. With more than three years of service, the hospital was able to establish a school that will train students in paramedical specialties like physical therapy; occupational therapy; medication technology; nursing; radiology technology; guidance psychology; social work; and ancillary studies. The management still wants to create a commercial and apartelle complex that will cater the needs of patients, their visiting relatives and friends especially those coming from a far. With the goal of running of a hospital complex at Tagapo, Sta Rosa Laguna the corporation acquire a 4800 square meter lot along National Highway, Brgy. Tgapo, 178 square meters of which was made into a one-storey building to house the MDI Clinic as introductory phase for the hospital complex which would be known as New Sinai MDI Hospital. February 2005, When MDI Clinic was transferred to Tagapo, Sta Rosa. The local government of Sta. Rosa granted the permit to operate a medical and diagnostic clinic on March 1, 2005. he Clinic widen its area of service with application forwarded to various Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO’s), Industrial companies and Merchant agencies for accreditation. Subsequently the MDI Clinic operation was transferred to the 1st floor ER unit of New Sinai MDI Hospital after September 28, 2006 when the clinic building was damaged by the typhoon Milenyo. The local government granted a partial occupancy on the finished 1st floor of the hospital. Backgro und of the Study: The proponents choose to create a website entitled â€Å"Official Website of New Sinai MDI Hospital†. The studies have a Home page, in this page people may choose from the tab above such as: About Us, Patient’s Guide, Contact, Health Care Services, Gallery, Search, and Comment. Patient’s Guide, Health Care Services and Contact are the three most important tabs in this study. This three consist the contact number and person that the patient’s may talk to, for the Health Care Services which is user determine what services and procedure that the hospital had and Patient’s Guide which is under this is the list of the Room of Patient from Presidential which is the highest cost from different Wards. The website of MDI can also see the Hospital Facilities like; Emergency room, main lobby, radiology and laboratory department, special diagnostic, ultrasound HMO industrial clinic, rehabilitation medicine which is located at ground floor. â€Å"New Sinai MDI Hospital†has five floors. Operating Room, Delivery Room, Nursery, ICU, and NICU septic isolation is located at 2nd floor and lastly, Rooms like Semi Private, Isolation Room, Wards, Suite and other rooms will be seen from 3rd floor to 5th floors. Above all, the main use of this site is to promote MDI not only in Laguna but all over the world, to publicize some of their services and to become one of the most popular hospitals. Project Description: The MDI hospital has a bulletin board and brochure. Bulletin Boardis use to post some details and brochures use to promote their services. That is the reason ofchoosing New Sinai MDI hospital as their study, proponents will create a website that will help and make them easily introduce the NSMDI to anyone. The purpose of this site is to see some information of the hospital. The website has comment box, request and suggestion in which the user must register or createtheir account that will allow them to input their opinion. It also has a list of doctor, their specialty,and it’s time schedule. This site also has two account; Admin and User Account. The Admin Account, it is one who will update the whole website like galleries, updating doctor’s schedule, hospital services and many more and User account is just to access the comment box. The proponents will be using Notepad ++, SQLyog for the database, PHP for the codes, XAMP to build the software and Adobe Photoshop CS3 is also use for the Graphical User Interface. How to cite Online, Papers

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Hamblet vs Lion King free essay sample

The Lion King was strongly influenced by William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, they differ in many ways. The movie shadows Shakespeare’s work so closely that parallels between the main characters themselves are readi ly apparent. Simba, Mufasa, and Scar are direct representations of Young Hamlet, King Hamlet, and Claudius, but there are some scenes that set the two apart. The renowned deaths of both Simba’s and Hamlet’s fathers (Mufasa and King Hamlet) are carried out in different manners; Mufasa is pushed off of a cliff into a stampede, and King Hamlet is poisoned. Another key difference is between Nala and Ophelia the lovers of the main characters. Simba never stops loving Nala and ends up marrying her, but Hamlet claims to have lost interest in Ophelia and wants nothing to do with her. By far, the most crucial difference is the ending. At the end of The Lion King , Simba becomes kin g of The Pride Lands, but Hamlet dies at the end of the play. Althou gh Young Hamlet in Hamlet and Simba in The Lion King share some differences, they are alike in their loss of fathers, their uncles’ usurpation of the throne, and their revenge against the new ki ngs. Comment: Thesis  statement  with  three subpoints Comment: Wonderful  introduction! You’ve  focused  on  the  differences,  and  then you  use  that  as  a  springboard  to  focus  on the  similarities. Your  thesis  provides  the energy  for  the  remainder  of  your  essay. Great! YourLastName 2 The death of King Hamlet negatively affects young Hamlet, but a fter his death, Hamlet Sr. ecomes more than the king and father he once was. Not knowing exactly how his father died, Hamlet feels lost. He becomes a herald for his son. When h e approaches his son as a ghost, he explains that he wasn’t bit ten by a snake, like everyone in Denmark thought, and told him what Claudius has done: â€Å"The serpent that did sting thy fat her’s life / Now wears his crown† (1. 5. 44-45). Hamlet previously susp ected him as the killer and is disgusted at the thought. According to The ghost â€Å"[†¦] has been disobliging enough to leave the task of defining revenge squarely up to Hamlet† (Skulsky 78). He knows what to do, but he is so upset that his father is gone that he is drawn to madness. Since King Hamlet was dead, Claudius decided to act quickly and get Gertrude (young Hamlet’s mother) to fall in love with him, so he could become the new King. Young Hamlet is disgusted: â€Å"Within a month, / Ere yet the salt of most unrighteous tears / Had left the flushing in her galled eyes, / She married † (1. 2. 156-58). Hamlet couldn’t believe that his mother had committed incest. The throne wasn’t the most important thing to him, but it was the principle that made him uneasy. In his speech to the people of Denmark, Claudius says, â€Å"Yet so far hath discretion fought with nature / That we with wisest sorrow think on him, / Together with remembrance of ourselves† (1. 2. 5-7) . Claudius doesn’t care about the death of his brother; he is only worried about being king. Young Hamlet takes his father’s appearance to heart and knows he must avenge his death and take responsibility for what his uncle has done . He delays this process. He runs from his responsibility even though he knows what needs to be done. After his uncle’s killing his father, marrying his mother, taking his place as king, and poisoning his Comment: 1 st topic  sentence,  Hamlet  = loss  of  father Comment: This  is  not  on  the  Works  Cited list! Comment: 2 nd topic  sentence,  Hamlet  = uncle’s  usurpation  of  throne Comment: 3 rd topic  sentence,  Hamlet  = revenge  against  father’s  killer YourLastName 3 mother, Hamlet knows he has to act in honor of his father: â€Å"Here, thou incestuous, murd’rous, damned Dane, / Drink off this potion. Is thy union here? / Follow my mother. † (5. 2. 14-16) Although Hamlet dies shortly after this, he can rest assured that he fulfilled his duty of revenge. Because Shakespeare’s Hamlet is among the most powerful and influential tragedies, numerous modern narrat ives and films, such as Walt Disney’s The Lion King , have been greatly influenced by it, and Simba can be readily compared with Ham let. (Excellent transition! ) First, Simba is beyond devastated by the death of his fath er . Being a young cub when the accident occurred, Simba had nobody to look up to except for Scar, who blames him for Mufasa’s death and orders him to go far way and never return. He decides to leave the past behind and never think back on it again. Simba lives his whole life with the burd en of his father’s death on his shoulders; he blames himself. He sometimes looks to the stars for guidance , remembering what Mufasa had once told him: â€Å"Those kings will always be there with you and so will I† (Lion ). Although Mufasa said they would always be together, Simba rarely feels his presence. He feels alone , and it isn’t until he reaches adulthood, when he and Nala are reunited, that he is able to face reality. After Scar recommends that Simba should flee the Pride Lands, the true reason for his actions is revealed – to obtain the title as King of the Pride Land s. Acting as if both Mufasa and Simba were killed by the stampede, Scar makes his announcement: It is with a heavy heart that I assume the throne. . . . This is the dawning of a new era, in which lion and hyena come together in a great and glorious future † ( Lion). All the Comment: Transition  sentence  or paragraph,  between  the  conclusion  of  three points  about  Hamlet  and  the  next  three points  about  Simba Comment: 1 st topic  sentence,  Simba  = death  of  father Deleted: to Comment: 2 nd topic  sentence,  Simba  = uncle’s  usurpation  of  throne YourLastName 4 animals of the land are completely appalled and fear for their future. Scar becomes a dictator and turns the Pride Lands into a wasteland. There is no food for any of the animals, and they’re all completely miserable. They all wish it could be like it was before Scar usurped the throne. Eventually Simba reaches adulthood and reunites with Nala, who encourages him to seek vengeanc e. He is horrified by the news that Scar ha s become the new king and destroyed everything his father had worked so hard to maintain while he was king. She urges him to come back to the Pride Lands and claim what is rightfully his. Although throughout his whole life Simba has been trying to forget his past, he is quickly reminded by a ghost of his father in the sky of who he truly is: â€Å"Remember who you are. You a re my son and the one true king† (Lion ). Simba finally realizes he needs to face his past, and go back to his home. The sight of his father was enough to convince him: â€Å" The appearance of the ghost of Simbas father, who reiterates ‘Remember ’ like the ghost of Hamlets father, illuminates the archetypal conflicts between Simba and hi s evil and usurping uncle, Scar† (Smith 138) . When he retu rns, Scar immediately begs for forgiveness. Still thinking he was the cause of his father’s death, Simba demands that Scar leave the Pride Lands and never return. They begin to fight, and as Simba hangs of the cliff of Pride Rock, he is taunted by Scar: And now heres my little secret. I killed Mufasa! (Lion). With all his might, Simba leaps up from the edge of the cliff and triumphs over his uncle by kicking Scar to a lower cliff where he is killed by the hyenas. Although killing him isn’t Simba’s goal, he successfully avenges his father’s death and takes his place as king. Comment: 3 rd topic  sentence,  Simba  = revenge  against  father’s  murderer YourLastName 5 Although Young Hamlet in Hamlet and Simba in The Lion King share some differences, there are distinct parallels between the two, such as the murders of their fathers, the usurpation of the throne by their incestuous uncles, and the plots to avenge their fathers’ deaths and retrieve what is rightfully thei rs . To many, much of modern entertainment may look like new entertainment on the surface, but after being analyzed, many connections to great literature can be found. Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of all time, and his plays influence the plots of many modern films.